We can support your in-house design project or help you make a few changes to your current Squarespace site.


What can you do?

We've got loads of coding knowledge, experience and a real passion for making awesome things with Squarespace, so we can achieve almost anything - from simple colour changes and padding attributes to custom site-wide architecture, navigation changes and full web development. 

  • Custom CSS coding

  • Javascript & HTML

  • Squarespace account set up

  • Third party plugin code integration

  • Custom software development + Squarespace integration

  • General design tweaks to tidy up your Squarespace site

  • SEO improvements to your Squarespace account and site content

  • Pretty much anything!


How does it work?

The first step is nailing down what exactly is needed to supercharge your Squarespace site - we'll take the time to get an totally clear understanding of what your site needs (don't worry, we don't charge for that bit).

Once we know what is needed, we'll give you an estimate of how long it'll take us to complete the work. At this point we ask you to add Hive Social as a contributor on your Squarespace account so we can do our thing!

We will, of course, track the time we spend making changes to your site and when we've completed everything we'll ask you to sign off on the changes.

Only once you're 100% happy and sign off on our work will we issue an invoice. 

For consultancy work we charge £65 / hour. 


Can you help us with our in-house project?


With our huge amount of project management and customer service experience we're the perfect partner to help you with your in-house Squarespace design project. From general support to custom development and bespoke training we can support you and your project in whatever way you need.

We'd love to be part of your team!

Need help with your Squarespace site?