Squarespace Training

Squarespace is the ultimate DIY platform - we can help you get up to speed, and making your website awesome in no time.


What sort of things can you teach me?

  • Squarespace basics - how the platform works and how to build a website
  • Style your website with different colours, fonts and template attributes
  • Make your website search engine friendly through Squarespace's settings and content techniques
  • Set up and maintain a blog on Squarespace
  • Optimise images for your website
  • Embed videos on your website
  • Build an e-commerce website and manage orders, stock and updates
  • Integrating Social Media feeds and a sharing
  • Getting the most out of MailChimp data capture
  • Understand Squarespace Metrics
  • Custom Coding (CSS & HTML)
  • Integrating 3rd Party Applications

Plus loads more...

How does it work?

We offer one-to-one training either in person here at Hive Social in Bristol or (if you're a little further away) we can deliver training via Skype screen share or Google Hangout. We are also willing to travel to you if you'd prefer. 

Depending on what is it you need, we'll book out a certain number of hours to cover everything in a practical, hands-on method with loads of live examples. We'll also share all of the resources we use and best practices with you, to make sure you've got everything you need at your fingertips!

We charge £85 / hour for Squarespace Training.  We offer reduced half or full day rates, as well as group discounts.